5th Australian Algebra Conference


aag The aim of the annual Australian Algebra Conference is to foster communication between algebraists in Australia. We interpret algebra broadly, including areas such as topological algebra, algebraic logic, graph theory and coding theory. The conference is run by the Australian Algebra Group, which is a special interest group of the Australian Mathematical Society.

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Registration is free.

If you wish to give a contributed talk, please send your title and abstract to 5th.Australian.Algebra.Conference@gmail.com by the 3rd of November. Contributed talks will be 20 minutes plus questions. Please use simple LaTeX format (avoiding macros - think arXiv abstract format).

Note, you do not need to have your title/abstract ready in order to register. If we do not receive an abstract by the 3rd of November, we will simply assume that you have decided not to give a talk - don’t let this hold you back!

Registration form not working? click here. If the registration link is blocked from you location, you can register by emailing us directly at 5th.Australian.Algebra.Conference@gmail.com with the following information: first name / last name / affiliation / are you giving a contributed talk? / are you eligible for the Gordon Preston Prize (student talk)?

Invited speakers

Alejandra Garrido, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Eugenio Giannelli, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy. Melissa Lee, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Gordon Preston Prize

The Gordon Preston Prize is awarded for the best presentation at the AAC given by a current student based at an Australian or overseas university. The presentations will be judged by a panel appointed by the executive committee. The winner of the prize will receive $300. The Rules for the Gordon Preston Prize are available on the website of the Australian Algebra Group.

Conference booklet

The conference booklet will be available once registrations have been finalised.


The timetable will be available once registrations have been finalised.

Note: Official times are given in Perth time. Local time is intended to be helpful, but it is up to you to check it is correct.

Wednesday 17th

Time Speaker Talk title
4:00 PM ( locally ) Alejandra Garrido TBA

Thursday 18th

Time Speaker Talk title
4:00 PM ( locally ) Eugenio Giannelli TBA

Friday 19th

Time Speaker Talk title
12:00 PM ( locally ) Melissa Lee TBA


The list of participants will be updated as registrations come in.

Talk slides and recordings

The current default is that talks will be recorded. If you do not want your talk to be recorded, please let us know. In any case, no recordings will be made available without the explicit consent of the speaker.